Samples are in!

Samples are in!

First two samples arrived from the factory! Overall I think it looks pretty good, just one slight issue noted. The top glass panel was placed by hand with these prototypes, I think they are about 2mm off set to the left which causes the metal LCD frame to be visible here. For the next round we will get a fixture that centers the top glass, digitizer, and LCD all in perfect alignment. I have delaminated units from forum member beta testers being sent to me now, I will repair them with these two displays and send back for functional feedback.

These 2 display screens are going through environmental testing now- hot, then cold cycles over and over to make sure the bond is very strong. The bonding technology here is the same as every cell phone (OCA Sheet), so it should be a notable improvement over the factory LOCA glue that delaminates. 

Will be back with more updates after I complete the first two repairs. It is nice to be moving past the "vaporware" phase of a project 

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