Designing improved touch screen solutions since 2021

Back in February 2021...

In a garage in Florida:

A former customer reached out to me with a simple request.

"Hey, you helped me fix the screen in my car a few years ago, now my boat has the same problem and I don't want to spend $4,000 at the dealer to replace the entire unit. Can you help?"

Me, being driven by the need to solve problems at any cost: Sure!!

I took the sample unit from the customer and started the reverse engineering process. 

It was apparent that this was a widespread problem, across many manufacturers and many years and models of boats.

Thus ,MTCscreens was created in 2021 with one objective: Solve the delamination issue that is present on many touch screen control systems.

The requirements were simple and obvious:

The solution must be a lower cost than the OEM part.
The solution must be permanent and offer an alternative to the OEM. The solution must allow for all OEM functions.
The solution must provide OEM or better brightness, clarity, anti glare and appearance.

While requirements are easy to write down, solving these problems was not. Countless hours of design changes, testing, and retooling for some of the most difficult engineering problems I have faced.

The marine environment is among the toughest for materials to endure. Salt water spray, direct sunlight for 12+ hours at a time, high temperatures, G forces, plus tons of vibration. This means that most off the shelf options aren’t going to work. S

I had to reach out to suppliers, friends, and engineers to start customizing while testing at the same time.

Finally, after multiple revisions and probably a hundred hours of integration testing, many late nights...I landed on something that works (R3).

My background consists of 20 years leading new product development programs for the off-road and marine marketplaces, including OEM display projects. 

I use the same stringent development methodology on designing and launching a boat screen as I do when launching a $450,000 machine at a fortune 500 company.

I have pursued similar ventures recently in the automotive space, and now I am proud to offer a lasting option to boating enthusiasts. Feel free to use the contact form  at the top of this page with any questions or feedback.

-Charles, Naples FL


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