Restore your boat's delaminated touch screen display.

No need to replace the entire Medallion display unit.

We can simply upgrade the touch screen panel and save you thousands.

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Tige touch screen delaminated

Medallion Touch Screen Repair

What's the issue?

Many boat display screens built after 2010 were designed with an internal liquid glue that tends to leak out over time, known as delamination.

Once this glue leaks out - many issues appear

We see many common problems that appear solely from a failed touch screen. There is nothing else wrong with the unit- just the screen. Installing our new screen will solve all of these!


Delaminated Bubble

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Dark or Dim Backlight


LCD Lines


Unresponsive Touch


Random Erratic Touch

So the screen failed- now what??

Many of your boat controls are performed through the touch screen. Once the screen fails, your boat is a large paperweight. Some customers even report losing their ability to start their boat with no touch screen response.

Dealer option


Previously, your only choice to save your boat was to buy a new display unit from the dealer.

Due to the age of these display units, many of the internal chips and components have become obsolete over the years. 

This leads to sellers detecting the shortage, buying up all the remaining chips, and increasing the prices 1000x. 

The manufacturer has no choice but to purchase the chips from these sellers at the inflated price and passes the cost to the customer.

As a result, the prices of these units has skyrocketed, and caused a volatile supply situation. Sometimes parts are on backorder for months or years.  

To solve this issue, we have spent the last 3 years designing improved touch screen assemblies that can be installed on your existing display unit.

This way, we can re-use the rare chips inside your display unit that are in short supply.


Our upgraded panel provides many improvements over the OE design

Enhanced bonding method for a longer life

Anti-Glare electro plating for easier viewing


Superior LED backlight update for 30% brighter display (6A and 6B)

Laser cut cover glass for a perfect fit in your existing housing.


The mtc screens advantage


Improved modern components

No risk of obsolete parts


Superior, enhanced design

Keep your OEM functionality and look with some minor improvements


Major cost savings

Refurbish your existing display and save $3,000- $6,000 on average


We offer 3 options to restore your display


Mail-In Service

Simply remove your display from your boat, and mail it in to us. Within 3-5 business days, we will install the new screen, test it, and send it right back to you for installation. No programming or hassles

Refurbished Unit Core Exchange

Order a new refurbished display for your boat. Install it and return your old defective unit to us within 14 days so we can recycle it and send it to the next customer. Shortest down time, supply is limited. 

DIY Installation Panel

This is the lowest cost option. Order our upgraded LED panel and install it yourself using the provided video on our website on the installation page. Scrap the old screen. No dealer visits required.

What brands are affected?

Many OEM brands utilized Medallion displays, and all are at risk of delamination. Here are just a few of the common repairs we see.






Sea Ray

Are the new displays from the dealer the same design?

Yes! There is a common myth that over time, the OEM factory has updated to a more reliable design. This is simply not true. We can see from all these units that arrived to us recently, they are from model year 2018-2023 boats. This is an ongoing problem!


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