r3 testing update - GOOD NEWS

r3 testing update - GOOD NEWS

I have great news!!!

My testers have reported that the r3 design is successful and correctly providing input to the OEM system. In addition- it provides improved clarity and brightness than the original.

Next steps are to order 50 more pcs from the supplier and then open up orders to you kind folks. Once the 50 pcs are spoken for- it will be marked as sold out until I work through those repairs.

Expected arrival of these first batch units is 12/15/22 and I will be performing all repairs myself, in order of arrival. Top priority will be on the units that have the extended warranty. This will allow me to place more and larger orders, and bring some local technicians on to help with installations.

I would expect 2-3 days for me to complete the repair on your unit and then I will get it right back to you.

So- with all that said, if you want to get on the notification list when they arrive- click the pre order button below and add your email. Pricing and more details are below. I have 3 units on hand now and will open up orders for those 3 later today- I would expect they sell out in minutes.

Marketing Plan_

  1. Mail In Service (Available 10/15/2022):

    This method would be $1,700 and would consist of you placing an order on the store page with your correct email and shipping information. You will then receive a pre-paid UPS second day air mailing label that you can print out. You would remove your unit, package it carefully, and apply the UPS label and drop it off at any ups location.

    When I receive it, I will replace the LCD/Touch panel, clean it, and send back to you. You would reinstall to your boat and all will be well.

  2. DIY Option (Late availability 10/30/2022):

    If you have an appetite for a DIY repair, you can order just the improved display assembly for $1,300. You would need to check out my installation video where I show how it’s installed to your unit. You can choose that option if you are patient and careful, plus it will save you a few bucks and a few days of transit time.

Overall this will save you about $2,000 compared to the currently backordered replacement MTC units from online vendors. Plus, this design doesn’t have that horrible glue adhesive to leak out, so it should be a permanent repair.

Warranty Strategy

This is kind of a tricky area- as it’s a new development and I don’t have a boat to personally test each unit before returning. This design has been used on my other ventures (cuescreens.com, uconnectfix.com, digitizerdepot.com) so I believe in the engineering design of it.

Of course, I don’t want to accept anyone’s money without standing behind what I offer.

The base warranty is 1 year, with an optional 3 year extended warranty selectable at checkout. If you experience issues on your unit during the warranty period- shoot me a message. If I can’t fix it, I will provide a refund to you.

I started this venture solely as a side hobby to help the boating community as there was no viable option.

Finally, after 2 years of development and testing and retooling, I am proud to offer a solution to you guys that is far superior to the expensive and eternally backordered factory replacement option. As always, feedback is always welcome.


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