Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Greetings everyone! I have been busy with some new, exciting products that I am excited to share with you all.

First off, the MTC-6A Malibu screen is in full production. It had a nice update last month with the dark blue chroma anti-glare filter, and also the oleophobic coating that really helps feel smoother and better to use. The first production run of 20 pcs sold out in 1 hour, and I will have the next batch of 20 pcs coming by Jan 15th.

At that point, i will open the orders up again. The limiting factor is LCD driver availability and the factory is working on increasing that so I can get more than 20 at a time.

To get on the waitlist- sign up on the store page with your email with your preferred selection (DIY or mail in, warranty 1 or 3 years, and 6A). Keep an eye on your emails and be quick on the clicks to secure one.

On that topic- after doing about 35 of these repairs I finally feel comfortable with my method, and how to show others how to do it safely. I am working on a DIY video that will be posted on the installation page. This way, folks that are savvy and interested in these types of repairs can order just the LCD panel assembly and install it yourself to save some money and down time.


Finally getting a process figured out!

New products for this year_

It has come to light that another 6.5” Medallion unit is in use for Chapparal, Tige, Sea Doo, Ski Nautique and Mastercraft boats. This version has a SD card, USB plug, and multiple plugs on the back. It uses the same LCD as the 6A (Malibu version) unit but I will need to design the new digitizer assembly for it. The engineers are currently working on it now and hopefully the first test unit is available end of February 2023.

12.3” Viper II

This is the 12.3” (MTC-12) panel used in the instrument cluster of many, many boats. Of course it delaminates and has touch issues as well, so I have this LCD assembly development. Hoping to have it launched by April 2023.

7” Viper II

This is the 7” unit also known as the Medallion Viper 2. The replacment panel will be called MTC-7A and 7B and is in development. It comes on the newer 2018+ Boats from many different manufacturers. April 2023 launch.

That’s about the latest update. The website label and fulfillment system seems to be working well so far- repair time has been 24 hours or less as I learn new techniques, and purchase new tools and equipment to perform the repairs efficiently.

Finally, if anyone has any 6.5” 6A cores laying around, I would love to buy a few to have as spares. Shoot me an email with your return address and I can send you a label.

Take care-


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